Perfecting the Travel

A short video is UX prototype of the application , a project done on self interest working on all the aspects of new design system , including its visual,UX and motion design. As Travel is something I personally love, thought I could showcase my design skills through the application. The main challenge I faced during this process was to get the right impressive Interation and visual design, something to grasp the attention of the users read more...

The Application flow

  • The first page is the login for existing users and signup page for new users
  • The user is then taken to the Discover page , where she/he is shown recommendation of places, their stay options and nearby places to visit for the same
  • Once the user decides his go to location, he can go ahead and proceed with his booking (Flight,Train,Bus). Also, he/she can choose their stay (villa, rooms, home) ALL IN ONE APPLICATION

UX Process

I ran a 3 weeks of design sprints based on the design thinking methodology, which includes 5 stages : empathize,define,ideate,prototype and test.

Research & Conceptualize

The research process began viewing other travel application present in the market. After the research, the application was analyzed.
Created wireframes for the user process. These were made for mobile only. A mobile app was designed to start the Users journey. Not all steps were included in the prototypw as this was just an hypothetical project.


Aesthetically pleasing design incepts a positive outlook in a user’s brain and leads him/her to believe that the process is actually easier. Implemented a modern outlook and minimal content on each page that was eye-pleasing­­­­­

Color Pallete